The State Level Regulation of Online Gambling

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While the legality of online gambling remains a hot topic in the US, the state level regulatory framework has taken time to develop. There are several unique factors involved in determining the viability of real money wagering in the US, and some states have taken a more hands-on approach than others.

The state of New Jersey has lead the pack in regulated markets. The state offers a variety of real money payment options tailored specifically to online casinos. Some payment methods offered in New Jersey are exclusive to New Jersey regulated sites, while other options are available to players across the US. In addition, many legal US gambling sites offer e-checks as well as credit cards. Other payment options include physical checks and PayPal.

For online casino payments, the most important metric is probably the success rate. These results are not as obvious in the newly regulated US markets, where the challenges of accepting and transferring funds have been comparatively more difficult. However, some banks have supported wire transfers and many regulated US gambling sites now accept these. As a result, the overall acceptance rates for US gamblers have risen. Those who wish to use an e-check or PayPal will need to provide a valid U.S. bank account and complete an additional log-in to their PayPal account to make a deposit.

Although there are several payment methods that have been successfully used for online casino payments, the highest acceptance rates have been achieved by payment methods that are specifically tailored for regulated online gambling sites in the U.S. ACH e-checks and Paypal are both popular methods. E-checks are essentially digital checks that can be processed like a physical check, although there are some differences.

PayNearMe Cash is a deposit option that has a high success rate. It provides a convenient way to deposit cash into your player account. Many regulated US gambling sites are now accepting PayNearMe Cash deposits. The deposit can be made at CVS stores, Family Dollar locations and even 7-Eleven stores. Additionally, the ACH e-check can be processed through online gambling sites.

While the e-check is a relatively new payment method in the U.S., it’s becoming an increasingly popular option with online casinos. E-checks are offered by several ACH e-check providers. One of the most popular is PayPal, which is an e-wallet that is primarily used in the United States. This e-wallet, besides being one of the most convenient ways to deposit money into an online player account, also allows withdrawals.

Online gambling is largely a matter of state law, but there are federal criminal statutes that have been implicated in this arena. These include the Wire Act, the Illegal Gambling Business Act, and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) provisions. A number of other criminal laws also have been implicated, though they are often not discussed or addressed in the legal context.

Another issue is the Commerce Clause. Due process arguments have been raised in cases, but to date they have enjoyed little success. This is because the commercial nature of the gambling industry seems to satisfy the question of legislative power.